Just a log for myself, to keep a RUNNING track of my running.
I want to increase my distance...haven't ran 5 miles in ages.
My frequency of running is usually 5 times a week.
I run in the morning before work, and i like to run outside.
I like to be out running by 6 a.m.
I'll run in any temperature above 9 degrees, I need double digits baby.

A couple of years ago I trained, and signed up for the Detroit half marathon. One day of my training I had to run 10 or 11 miles. After my run, probably during it, I wondered WHY anyone wanted to run that far??? I ended up with an injury that day that prevented me from running the 'thon....but I do have a nice $50 t-shirt from signing up!
I set no goal like that again. Running that far is BORING.

The end.

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