Week of April 27th, 2009

4/27 (Mon) - Abs 2,3,4 ; 1/2 mile walk treadmill
4/28 (Tues) - Shred 1; Blowflex (my plan was to run, but RAIN)
4/29 (Wed) - 3.7 mile run outside (rhj hurt - because of Shred yesterday?)
4/30 (Thu) - 3.5 mile run (rjh pain but ran thru it)
5/1 (Fri) - Abs 3,4 ; Blowflex
5/2 (Sat) - 3 mile run outside
5/3 (Sun) - Abs 1,3,4 ; Blowflex (too much rhj pain to run)

Total miles for the week: 10.2 miles
Shred: 1

Note: Right hip joint back to it's old tricks of hurting. Actually had an appt. w/ my Doctor Friday just to go over bloodwork and I asked him it my joint is permanently damaged from my Vitamin D deficiency. He assured me that it will get completely better, it just takes time and I have to to RESPECT MY HIP. I need to avoid things that will aggrevate it - like, I found, jumping jacks. So that is my plan...I'm going to respect my hip.

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