Dee-Runs Again....

I've been running, just not posting. I had to take a break since October '08 because of a hip/joint issue (read about it there). For the past month I've been incorporating more running into my workouts....but just last week I've started to run outside, instead inside on the treadmill. I still have pain in my hips at times, but nothing I can't work through or that rest doesn't help. So I'm back, hoping this log will allow me to exceed my running goals. Since I've been not running, I've incorporated BLOWFLEX (which is really bowflex) & some free weights, and a DVD workout for the abs. I hate Blowflex, but I like the results. I love the ab workout...even though the music sounds like porn music ( I've been told). So I'll be posting those doings here too.

So here is the scoop on me....

* Born in Dec. 1963 - I'm 45.

* Height: 5' 7"

* My current BMI 20.5

* My goal BMI 19.5 ish

* I like to work out before I go to work, so I try to get up at 5:30 am, but I usually hit the snooze once.

* I'm vegan- (see this link for detailed definition)
I eat no animals or any product that is produced by animals. That means things like no eggs, cheese, honey, milk, or gelatin. I do not use sugar that processed by using bone char. I do not use items that are tested on animals or have animal "parts" in them. No leather, fur, wool or silk. I make it a practice not to kill bugs (I make an exception for flies or mosquitoes that land on me). I have a vegan blog that has more info, but that is the jest of it.

* I like vodka and it's vegan

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